Monday, October 18, 2010


In the past, when I made a personalized touring plan, I would always tell people with young kids to make a beeline for Dumbo. Get there at opening and head as quickly as you can straight back, through the castle, and get in line. It's time well spent as Dumbo is a slow loader and the line seems to take forever.

I don't have small children. But in the past, I have waited in that line just for the photo op. The only thing (speaking for myself) that I think of when I think of the Magic Kingdom, other than the castle, is Dumbo. I have pictures of myself on the same ride with my father back in 1978. It hasn't changed. Children still stand, wide eyed with anticipation, looking up at the flying elephant, waiting for their turn to ride.

But now, there is a Dumbo car positioned outside the ride that is perfect for those photos. You can take as long as you want (unless there is a mob of other people waiting), and get just the right picture without having to wait in a long line. If you are facing Dumbo, coming through the castle, the area is on your right. You may not see without walking a little bit around the ride, but trust me its there.

Next to fast pass, putting this ride car outside the ride is one of the smartest things Disney has every done!

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