Monday, March 22, 2010

Share the magic!

A few years ago, on a trip to Disney World with my now husband, we ran into a couple who were leaving the parks for the night. They had two fast passes for Soarin' that they passed on to us, which was fabulous, because the fast passes were all gone, and the wait was two hours. What a fabulous gift they had given to us, and it didn't cost them a penny!

Now, when my husband and I go, and we are done collecting fast passes for the day, or have a break long enough we won't need one, we stop and grab an extra set. I love to get an extra two to Expedition Everest, because those definitely "sell out" by the end of the day. We hold them all day, and then when we're leaving, we pass them on to another couple who is interested in riding. Sometimes, it's a dad and son, and sometimes it's a husband and wife. Either way, it hopefully adds a little extra magic to their day. And if it doesn't, it sure adds some to mine! Sharing the magic of Disney is like that!

Next time you're at any one of the four parks, think about picking up an extra set of fast passes to give to a family when you're leaving. It just might be the magic they need to make their trip even more, well, magical!

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