Friday, March 12, 2010

Main Street Barber Shop

At Disney World and in desperate need of a cut or some pixie dust? Don't miss the Main Street Barber Shop! Tucked in the corner of Main Street, across from the fire station, many veteran visitors don't even know it's there. It's the second best piece of magic on Main Street, the view of that gorgeous castle being the first!

Yes, the stylists here are licensed. So, no worries there. And I, myself, had my long locks trimmed to a short bob, and the cut was just as fabulous as one I would have received from a stylist I had been going to for years. But this experience included a serenade by the Barber Shop Quartet, Disney's own Dapper Dans, and a little bit of pixie dust to give my hair that special shine.

Have a little one who is looking to get their hair cut for the first time? Don't do it before vacation--wait until you arrive. Though it is often a tearful experience, usually for the toddler, not the parents, the moment is marked with a pair of Mouse Ears to commemorate the first cut.

Don't need your hair cut, but want to visit the Barber Shop anyway? Consider the colored hair gel and glitter option. For a mere $5, your child can get hair fit for a pirate or princess. Or a Mickey design on the back of his buzz cut hair.

The shop also offers beard and mustache trims at $10 a pop. Not to worry, those barbers are willing to add glitter to your manly beard, too.

Look for the red and white barber pole outside the shop, and make a visit. Go early, as the lines get long fast. Of course, long is relative as there might be only 6 or 7folks in front of you, but there are usually only 2 barbers on duty, and they are not in a rush. They delight each and every customer and that takes time. So, those six people in front of you might equate to an hour to two hour wait. Last I checked, it was first come, first served, and no appointments were taken.

Make a visit on your next trip, and enjoy an out of the ordinary Disney experience!


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