Monday, March 29, 2010

Buy the refillable mug

Are you staying on Disney property? One of the very best investments you can make is to buy the refillable mug. Trying to save dollars? You and your hubby or significant other can get really romantic and share one with two straws. Since they're refillable, all you have to do is go back to the fountain and pour yourself another soda.

In the past, a different mug was found at each resort. But these days, the same mug is used for each one, so you can take it when visiting another resort, or if your stay is split between two resorts. They are good for only your current visit--when you leave, they expire. However, for your entire stay, you drink for free! Or rather, for the one time price of $12.99. At least that's what it was last time I purchased. Depending on when you're reading, that price may have increased.

Of course, they only apply to certain beverages--coffee, soda, tea, and water. And they only work at the resorts, so you can't use them in the Disney parks. But in most cases, these mugs will save you money. You can buy them both in your resort's gift shop or its food court. I like to get up first thing in the morning, head to grab a muffin and fill up my mug, and then head to the bus stop to wait on my bus.

The bus will say no food or drink, but I have never had a bus driver make me dispose of my drink. If you are traveling with kids, that might be a different story. I drink all the way to the park and then stow my mug in my backpack. First visit to the restroom, I rinse it out. When I return to the resort at the end of the day, I take the stop nearest the food area and fill it up before heading to my room. If I'm taking an easy day and lounging by the pool, I'm drinking Diet Coke out of my refillable mug.

One of the best parts is it is a souvenir you might actually keep and use! So don't buy that ridiculous hat that you will never wear once you come home, and instead splurge on the resort mug. A few drinks and a few dollars saved, and I promise, you'll be glad you did!

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