Friday, March 5, 2010

Astro Orbiter

If you are a Disney veteran, you already know that no matter how many times you visit Walt Disney World, there will always be something left to do. Sometimes it is a new attraction, but sometimes it is one you have passed many times and just never taken advantage of.

Astro Orbiter was that attraction for me. The line is usually long, and there is no fast pass. It remind me of Dumbo, but a little higher in the air, so I thought of it as a must skip on every trip. Consequently, in my twice a year visits, I had never managed to board the rockets for a trip around Tommorowland.

But this last October, I visited the park with my sister, niece, and step-mom. Astro Orbiter was on my niece's list, and luckily the line was short! There was no excuse not to ride.

Take note! The orbital revolving rockets give spectacular views of Tommorowland, Main Street, and the castle. Good luck taking photos, though, because these rockets are FAST! There is a control in the car that allows you to move higher and lower on your own whim. It is similar to Dumbo, but with an extra punch. It seems faster (though I don't know if it really is), and the added elevation adds for an extra excitement. While Dumbo doesn't make me feel the least bit queasy, Astro Orbiter threw me off kilter upon disembarkation of the ride. Though quick to dissipate, it did last about fifteen minutes. The ride on the elevator to the take off and landing pad adds an extra air of excitement to the whole experience.

I wouldn't go so far as to say Astro Orbiter is worth an hour wait, but it is definitely worth a twirl, especially if you are travelling with kids. Ride it early in the morning to minimize your wait. On my next trip, I'm going to try to hit it at night. I bet the castle views are even more magical!

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