Sunday, February 28, 2010

Best Star Tours Seat

So, you're a Star Wars fan. It makes you feel nostalgic for the days of your youth. And on your trip to Disney World, you're looking forward to experiencing Star Tours. So, what's the best seat in the house? That depends.

Are you prone to motion sickness? If so, beware. It usually takes a lot to make me sick, and this ride can make me queasy. But if that thought doesn't deter you, and you are still determined, position yourself in the middle and closest to the screen.

Want the wildest experience available? Sit in the top row, in the first two seats on the right (when facing the screen). Trust me, it's a totally different experience.

On a slow night, and after a tip from a cast member, I gave both a try, and he had spoken the truth. Other than waiting in the same queue, seeing the same film, and being in the same simulator, it was like two totally different rides!

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