Monday, February 22, 2010

Dole Whip

After much consternation, I decided to make my first "official" post about the ever-so-fabulous pineapple flavored Dole Whip. It is a must have treat when visiting Disney World!

Like pineapple? Like soft serve ice cream? Then visit the Aloha Isle, across from the Swiss Family Tree House in Adventureland. If entering from the main hub off Main Street, it will be on your right. Coming from Pirates of the Caribbean, it will be on your left. Rafiki can often be found nearby, in a secluded area right after the Aloha Isle. Super tasty, it has just a hint of pineapple to it, and is perfect for a hot summer day.

This permanently affixed snack stand (not cart) serves other treats, ones you can use to fulfill the snack requirement on your Disney Dining Plan. If you're not on the Disney Dining Plan, don't fret. The Dole Whip is an around $3.00 treat, so the whole family can enjoy their very own! Another favorite of mine is the pineapple float. A combination of the pineapple soft serve and pineapple juice, is combined in a float concoction, hence the name. It's for pineapple lovers only! Don't like pineapple? Aloha Isle also serves soft drinks, chips, and vanilla and chocolate soft serve.

Occasionally, you may hear some debate from veteran Disney travelers over which is the best ice cream in the parks. Some will say it's the Mickey Bar, found at carts "world" wide. But a lot of regular and first time visitors will vote for the Dole Whip. It's not as readily available as the Mickey Bar, but that makes it even more special! So, when you're worn out and sweating from that trek up the stairs of the tree house, take a break, stop by Aloha Isle, and enjoy a taste of pineapple!

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