Thursday, May 2, 2013

Almost here!

Time has gone by so fast!  It's almost time to leave for the World!  Little man turns 7 months on Sunday (Cinco de Mayo), and we think he may be cutting teeth.  What a fun 21 hour trip this is going to be.

I, being the Disney fan I am, wanted to make sure he had some "first trip to Disney" duds.  A wise person on  the passporter boards suggested I not invest too much in onesies, because if my son was anything like hers, I'd be covering all of those onesies with bibs due to an onslaught of slobber.  Smart lady.

I visited my local craft store, went a little overboard, and $40 later--voila!  I now have some of my very own bibs.  I don't think it would be too hard for most folks to figure out it's little man's first Disney trip, since he is only 7 months old, but now they'll know for sure.  And I'll have a great memento to keep to remind us of his first Disney trip!

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