Thursday, March 14, 2013

I heart Epcot

So, I was going to make a few of my dining reservations yesterday, and I realized we'd be spending most of our time this trip at Epcot.  When I think about it, I think we spend a lot of our trip time at Epcot.  It's mostly for the food.  I like a lot of the restaurants around the world, but a lot of our favorites are at Epcot.  Of course, we love just about any of the "fancy schmancy" restaurants in World Showcase.  We try to eat, at the very least, at one of those during our trip, usually two.  But we also love Garden Grill and some of the "faster food" places in the other countries. 

This time around, since we are traveling with a six month old, we didn't want to book too many dining ressies.  But when it came time to pick 2, guess what?  Yep, both at Epcot.  We're headed for Le Cellier to get the cheese soup and Garden Grill to get a nice, family style meal and visit some characters.  Provided our little guy isn't traumatized by people dressed up in larger than life, overwhelming costumes.  We shall see. 

If you could only pick 2 restaurants around the world, where would YOU choose to eat? 

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