Monday, February 4, 2013

Budget Dining Tip!

This is a tip I read a long time ago from a book, or on the internet, or who knows where.  But it's one my family uses as much as possible.  It doesn't work every day, because well, some days your touring plan might now allow for it.  But if you want to save a little on dining, even if it's only a couple of days on your trip, give it a try.  Hey, at Disney prices, skipping a full sit down meal could easily save a family of 4 $100-$150, which isn't chump change! 

I always make room for some granola bars in my luggage, whether I'm driving or flying.  In the morning, we wake up, head to fill up our refillable mugs, and munch on our granola bars while we wait for the bus (I have to eat first thing when I get up, so I need something to munch while en route to breakfast).  Then around 10:00, we have a somewhat large "brunch." If you want to do a character breakfast, get the latest time you can.  Proceed to eat like a pig.  It's vacation.  You can do it. 

We've found if we eat a late breakfast, we can then hit a slightly earlier dinner--say around 4, and we wind up able to skip lunch altogether!  Of course, I have a back pack full of snacks, just in case anyone gets hungry between 10 and 4.  We are early risers, so we are usually back in the room by 9. 

It may not work for your family, especially if you have very young children who have to eat often and can't do an adult style pig out on the buffet.   But it's saved us quite a bit of money over our years of touring.  A few extra dollars in my pocket means more Dole Whips for me and more souvenirs at Tatooine Traders for my hubby! 

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