Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

For all of you dads who've

bought Mickey Bars

listened to melt downs on a hot summer Disney day

waited in a 2 hour long line for Dumbo

paid a small fortune for your family to visit Walt Disney World only to have your kids want to spend all day at the pool

planned for a year with your son/daughter, getting them all excited to experience Space Mountain for the first time, only to find it closed for refurbishment

weathered a mid day Florida rainstorm just so your family could ride all of their favorites with little to no wait

put your daughter on your shoulders when you felt like you could barely stand yourself, so she could get a better view of the parade

calmed down a screaming child after Snow Whites Scary Adventures or Dinosaur!

witnessed a full on melt down because Cinderella had to "go in for a break" right before your family got to the front of the line


And especially to my father, for taking me to Disney so many times and forking over the cash for me to get married there--I hope your day is everything you want it to be!

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