Monday, January 17, 2011

Club Cool

Though I wouldn't recommend making it your first stop of the day, don't overlook this fun place in Epcot. On the Future World side, close to Innoventions, is Club Cool (used to be Ice Station Cool, but changed in November). Inside you can sample soda flavors from around the globe, all for free! Drink until your heart's content, provided you're not there in the summer when this place is often mobbed with people. And a word to the wise--while most of the drinks are delicious, steer clear of the Beverly from Italy, unless you're a brave soul. Just thinking about it makes my mouth pucker! Ewwww....

Luckily, on our last trip, every single drink station was out of Beverly. Here's hoping they are getting rid of that one and adding a yummy flavor in its place!

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