Saturday, December 18, 2010

New tour coming soon!

I know it may appear I've retired from the blog writing business. But as I am sure you are all aware, regardless of what holiday you celebrate, the holidays are a super busy time. Throw in finals, a few craft shows, and working a full time job, and my time available for writing seemed to evaporate.

But I happened upon something in my new Disney Files magazine that got me so excited, I had to share it!

I love the tours Disney offers. They are perfect for those folks who want to get a behind the scenes look at the magic. I've done quite a few of them, and they are well worth the money. If you've been to Disney a few times and want to do something new to add a little spice to your trips, definitely check one out!

It looks like a new tour is coming 0n January 16th, 2011 (and what a bummer, it apparently starts right after I leave on January 12th). Animal Kingdom will now have a Wild Africa Trek. According to the magazine, trained guides will lead small groups of no more than 12 guests through previously inaccessible areas of the Harambe Reserve. There will be several trips a day, but still at only 12 guests, you'll want to sign up early!

The best part to me? It sounds like a full on adventure! Not only will you learn about the animals and venture into super secret spots in your own VIP safari behicle, but you'll also be crossing rope bridges and get some "up close" looks at hippos and crocodiles! And guess what else? You'll have a chance to experience African cuisine in a private safari camp, and you'll have your own private photographer along for the whole trip!

Interested? Make sure to contact 407-WDW-TOUR. They'll help you decide whether or not the adventure holds too much adventure for the travelers in your party, and get you booked up for the next safari!

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