Sunday, October 24, 2010

Inside the castle

Yes, the castle is beautiful on the outside, but it's even more beautiful (in my opinion, of course) walking through the inside. The murals inside are absolutely stunning. The inside is not always open, and available for you to walk through. It is always closed when the stage shows are going on in front. If you arrive at a time when you can't get in to see the murals, make sure you plan to swing back through.

The mural contains one million pieces of glass, and it is said to have over 500 colors, including some tiles that are made of real gold. When Disney does it, they do it right!

If you look closely, you'll notice one of my favorite "Disney secrets." One of the step sisters is green with envy, and one of the step sisters in red with rage. So appropriate for those two!

Make sure you take some photos. With all of the vibrant colors, those photos turn out absolutely breathtaking!

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