Sunday, September 19, 2010

Expedition Everest

Headed to Animal Kingdom? Dying to ride Expedition Everest and see the yeti? Of course you are! Especially if you're a coaster enthusiast.

If you get to the park at opening, make sure you head straight back to Asia and hop on. Before you do, grab a fast pass for later in the day and you can ride it twice. Coming in a few hours after opening? Make sure you head right back and grab your fast pass for later in the day.

The line for EE gets long, even in slow season, and the fast passes go, well, fast. There have been many times I've seen the fast pass stand closed by noon, because the guests have already claimed all the fast pass times. Don't get stuck being forced to stand in line, wasting away your day. Make a bee line for EE and get those passes first! Then you can head out and enjoy Animal Kingdom!

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