Wednesday, August 25, 2010

To do or not to do--Disney Dining Plan

Okay, so if you're getting the dining plan for free, go for it! Disney often offers this deal. But what if you're not? Should you pay for it?

Some people think the DDP is awesome, and I think, depending on your situation, it can be. My husband and I, however, do not opt to do it. Why, you may ask? And understandably so, when everyone touts it as such a great deal.

One, I don't want to tie up every day with a sit down dining reservation. Sure, I like to eat at a few of the nicer restaurants, but I don't want to eat at one every day. I like a plan, but I like to have a little flexibility, too. And sometimes, juggling one too many reservations gets tough. One day, I might feel like going to Animal Kingdom. But if I have a 12 o'clock ressie at Epcot, I'm either going to have to spend the day there, or break my day up traveling there via bus. A couple of days of working around where I'm eating isn't a huge deal. But every day? No, thanks. Not for me.

Sure, I understand this might be your first trip and you want to eat at as many places as possible. But you are also going to want to SEE as many things as possible, too, and if you are spending all of your time eating, that's going to leave you less time for experiencing all of those things Disney has to offer.

Two, that's a lot of food! You're getting one counter service meal AND one sit down table service meal? I'm not trying to come back from vacation having gained 15 pounds! Five gained from Dole Whips and Ice Cream Cookies I can do! But I always stuff myself at the table service meals--I have no self control, and everything is so good, AND I'm on vacation, so I think what the heck! I wind up feeling crappy from eating all of the food while I walk miles around the park experiencing all of the fabulous attractions. So, it's just better if I limit my temptations. Even the counter service meals are plenty of food! I'm more of a snacker in my non-vacation life than a sit down and eat a large meal kind of person.

Keep these things in mind when you are pondering your decision on the Disney Dining Plan. Again, if Disney is running a special for free dining, then go for it! Even if you don't use all of the meals, you aren't out any money. But if you're paying for it, think about whether or not it's really the right decision for you and your family. It may be, or it may not. As for me, I'd prefer to choose 2-3 restaurants I am dying to try and leave the other days free just in case I feel like spending all day just eating Dole Whips and nothing else!

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