Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mouse Tears!

This one isn't a secret or planning tip, but it is something you are likely to experience on your very first trip as well as on your fiftieth trip to Walt Disney World. Everyone has their own special moments that bring on the "mouse tears."

For me, it's always the fireworks spectacular Wishes. It brings tears to my eyes every time. We always get a seat in front of the castle to watch the show, and the music + fireworks + location get me every time. I hold hands with my husband while I tear up! He SAYS he thinks I'm crazy, but I've seen him get a little misty eyed, too.

If you've never seen Disney fireworks, you'll come to understand what I'm saying when you visit. Make sure you get a seat in front of the castle for your very first show. There are other great spots to watch, but none are as spectacular, especially for your first time. (Once you've seen any Disney fireworks, you'll be ruined forever. No other firework displays will ever compare!)

So, what's your moment?

Mike Scopa shares his on Allears.net Check out additional moments here

Have a great Disney Tuesday thinking about all of those Disney moments that have brought tears to your eyes!

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