Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What to pack

Nope, I'm not going to make a long, tedious list that you can use to check off and make sure you have everything in your suitcase. But I am going to tell you one thing you should absolutely remember to bring on your trip and in your backpack into the parks. A poncho. Yep, that's it. Simple as that.

Florida has rain. It often rains in the middle of the day for a very short period of time. Most people leave, evacuating to their hotels. Less people make for shorter lines. If you have a poncho in your backpack all you need to do is pull it out and put it on, and you are good to go! Sure, Disney sells ponchos, but sometimes those are in short supply, and they're expensive, at least for a poncho.

Even if you don't use your poncho to protect you from the rain, you can always use it to protect you on Splash Mountain or Kali River Rapids. I personally hate to get wet. I know, I know--what's the point of getting on a water ride if you don't want to get wet? But I love Splash Mountain's drop, it's a do not miss, and unfortunately, I do travel with other folks who love Kali, even though I don't, so I try to be accommodating. I stay dry while they get soaked, because I always have my trusty poncho packed in my backpack.

Go the your local dollar store and pick up a few for $1. Make sure you get enough for everyone in the family. Keep in mind, they're only $1, so you might want to get two. You don't want to be caught without a poncho!

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