Monday, June 21, 2010

Star Wars

Let me be frank. I do not love Star Wars. I didn't see it was younger, so it does not have the same nostalgic value for me that it does for my husband. But I will say, I do love Star Wars the way Disney does it. I have visited Star Wars Weekends more than once (yes, Disney does celebrate with all things Star Wars including celebrity appearances by stars from the film a few weekends a year), and Star Tours holds fond memories for me.

I remember being 8 years old when it came out (the attraction, not the movie) and waiting in the blazing hot sun over 4th of July weekend with my newly married father and family. My new sister and I were hot, cranky, and the last thing we wanted to do was stand in line for two hours to ride the stupid thing. However, since our parents had forked over big bucks to take us, they got to make the rules, and so we sweated it out until we got into the inside queue. Back in the day, this ride was high tech, and we were fascinated. While it had a Star Wars theme, it wasn't all about Star Wars, and the simulators were something new to the ride industry.

Nevermind that every single guy I've ever dated (well, those close to my age, anyway) have loved Star Wars. So, I am sad to see the original go. As it is with all things Disney, I know it will be replaced by something that is well worth the refurbishment wait. (At least in all cases except for Stitch's replacement of Alien Encounter--that was the biggest disappointment EVER).

I wish I could be there for Disney's Last Tour to Endor on August 14th to wave a formal goodbye to R2 and friends. The party goes from 8-1 and is a separate ticket event, with the prices being $75 a ticket, but those tickets being limited. But really, who could pass up the Death Star Disco? Dancing AND Star Wars? What more could a fan want? And don't forget your costume! I am sure all of the Star Wars fans will be out in full regalia! If this shin dig is anything like the other parties Disney has been known to throw, it will be a do not miss!

If you go, please take one last spin for me and give the crew a kiss! I can't wait to see them again at the 2011 opening of the new attraction.

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